Friday, March 5, 2010

Here Comes the Sun!

The sun is out today! Big blue sky...spring is on its way. The sun has an amazing ability to refresh us and fuel our inspirations.

Yesterday I was in stuck in a rut...creatively, and spiritually, and I was battling low energy. Lots of projects can become overwhelming especially when you find yourself in a creative block!

Today I am realizing the importance of a well rounded lifestyle. Just as we have been deprived of the sun all winter, I have been depriving myself of everyday things that can keep you going.

So I began my day by cleaning. The cleaning elves have been gone on an extended vacation for quite some time...they took a cruise down in the tropics, and ended up on some island with cocktails...only to call and say they found a great deal on a beach resort and decided to stay a while.

I took care of my crying plants...(they are crying when they wilt, I can almost hear them).

And there you have it...refreshed, renewed energy, and I feel much better. I tend to think that if I have work to do I cannot do anything else until it gets done. Wrong! These little tasks are what keep you going!

Today, before musical practice I will be working on Wild Widget Products for the John Ball Zoo and while those are drying, I will work on the Coat of Many Colors for the Musical. Pictures will be posted soon!

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